Two South Carolina Homes- One Great Story

Real estate is an emotional business. People buy and sell for various reasons, whether they’re a newly married couple, downsizing empty nesters, or a growing family expecting a new baby, there are always stories behind each move.

Oak Realty’s own South Carolina agent, Mikaela Greenberg, told us one such story this month. Her friend Rob contacted her, asking if she might take his family on as her next client. “Obviously, I said yes,” Mikaela told us. “It’s rare that I have the opportunity to help out friends while doing the job that I love.”

When she met with Rob, his wife Jessica, and their son Elliot, they explained that they needed to move closer to Jessica’s job. She had a daily commute that was eating up her time with her son, often 90 minutes each way. Jessica felt like she was missing out on the best part of her preschooler’s day. Simply put, she missed her son, and he missed her. “Challenge accepted,” Mikaela said.

They took their time considering different towns and several family-friendly neighborhoods, always bearing the potential commute in mind. After a few weeks of searching, the family walked into a home in Hanahan and they fell in love. Their offer was accepted on one condition: they had to sell and close on their own house within 60 days. “Not a problem,” Mikaela told them with a smile.

On top of her game as always, Mikaela had already prepared the listing and Open Houses. After launching the listing, she had a viewing within 12 hours, an offer within 36 hours, and a ratified contract less than two days later. Following this whirlwind, Rob asked how everything could possibly have fallen into place so easily. “Good things come to good people,” she told him.

Was all of this too good to be true? Absolutely. But with positive thinking, a talented real estate support team, and a dash of good karma, both properties were closed on last week. The family sold their own home at Muirfield Parkway for the full asking price of $235K and purchased their new home in Hanahan for $370K; $9K under asking.

“Obviously I’m always thrilled to close a sale. But knowing that this wonderful family who I’m fortunate to call friends will now have more quality time together is priceless,” Mikaela told us happily.

Good karma, indeed.

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