Real Estate doesn’t shut down- we offer virtual tours and staging!

Our temporary “new normal” is limiting our everyday routines in so many ways. But life still happens. Maybe you were planning to sell in the spring when the market is always hot. Or you still need to buy a bigger home for your growing family. What’s the best way to continue with your plans? Is it even possible?


With Oak Realty it is. We offer 3D video walkthroughs, video tours, and even virtual staging that will have your home looking its very best. Maximum views with minimal contact.


Want to look at the newest homes on the market?  You’ll be able to look carefully at every detail inside and out from the comfort of your living room–details that can sometimes be missed during a typical in-person walk-through.


Click here for examples:

3D interactive tour

Virtual walkthrough


In addition, Suzanne O’Brien of  Suzanne O’Brien Design can meet virtually to “look” through your home and make recommendations to freshen up your space. She also offers virtual staging – including some “new” furniture, throw rugs, and plants in the video and photos of a room can make a world of difference.


And David Gamari of David Gamari Photography will use video and aerial imagery to ensure your home looks as gorgeous online as it would have at any open house.


Your safety is our primary concern as we continue to guide our clients through these unfamiliar times.  Contact us today—call, text, email or FaceTime–and we’ll be happy to navigate this with you.  


One thought on “Real Estate doesn’t shut down- we offer virtual tours and staging!

  1. Excellent resources for this rapidly changing time! You folks are terrific!

    If I ever decide to sell my house, you are my team.

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